Influencer Marketing Statistics You Need to Know for 2022

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Marketers Will Increase Their Spending on Influencers by 2023. By next year, influencer marketing expenditure is projected to reach $4.6 billion in the US alone. In 2022, spending is expected to grow to $4.14 billion, compared to 2021's $3.69 billion.

So what is influencer marketing?

Your first question may well be, “So what is influencer marketing?”The simple answer is to victim individuals with influence on social media channels to assist sell your product or complete.

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Different types of influencers:

Mega Influencers: A mega influencer is somebody United Nations agency that has over one million followers on their social media channels.

They are a lot of probably to be noted listing celebrities on social and in reality for talent in their title instead of for being mega influencers (Think singers, actors, or maybe sports athletes).

This is what makes them attractive to brands that want to leverage influencer marketing—and what makes them incredibly expensive. 

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Points to consider: While mega-influencers offer incredible reach, studies have found that the rate of engagement decreases as the influencer’s total follower count rises. For Instagram influencers with more than 10 million followers, the engagement rate is only: Influencer I’d

Strength: Mega influencers are best suited to mega brands that can afford their price. Remember that they have a broad diversity of followers. “So, if your product is very niche, then a mega influencer may not be the best option” 

Macro-influencer: These social media experts tend to have between 100,000 and 1 million followers. They take issue with mega influencers by having achieved fame largely through internet-related activity, like vlogging or manufacturing a specialist diary. so that they are thought-about to be consultants in their field, No matter what will be!. A classic feature of macro-influencers is their ability to supply new content often, and for a majority of those individuals, their social media platforms have become a regular job.

Points to consider: Macro-influencer content is usually additional professional-looking than what brands realize with micro- or nano-influencers. Some brands could realize this to be much better suitable for their audience and goals. An example of a macro influencer is: Influencer I’d

Strength: Using a macro influencer is going to be a lot of targeted than employing a mega influencer (and more cost-effective too!) nevertheless can still be attractive to an oversized cross-sectional of the population. they're conjointly probably to own considerable expertise presenting themselves, in order that they can create a reliable ambassador for your complete.

Micro-influencers: In Social Media, they may have somewhere between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. Their interests and expertise are generally pretty niches. As such, they are considered knowledge leaders in their field. Their more ‘low-key’ status lends them an air of authenticity and that girl or boy next door vibe.

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Points to consider: Content from micro-influencers is a smaller amount polished however could feel a lot of authentic than content from macro- or mega-influencers. this could influence the number of successes and complete experiences with influencers promoting and reckoning on business goals. Influencer I’d

Strength: Micro-influencers come upon as relatable and presumptive, and they square measure the best selection for start-ups and new brands.

Nano Influencer: This comparatively new term describes social media influencers with but 1,000 followers. These units are those who have a robust influence in their immediate community and customarily accommodate dear ones, family, and friends and eventually extended to folks with similar interests. a decent example of this sort of influencer includes council leaders, educators, or tending employees.

Points to consider: Nano-influencers are far more cost-efficient than their higher-ups, therefore brands with restricted resources might want to start out at this level of influencer selling. Some nano-influencers don’t even charge brands, as they're building their following and partnerships with brands. Influencer I’d

Strength: Given these qualities, they're seemingly to own an exact bearing regarding them. And, their audiences can tend to appear up to them and place their trust in them. This makes them ideal candidates if you’re searching for somebody to endorse a public health or safety campaign or to unfold an awfully localized message.


My final words on influencer marketing. This methodology attends to take a giant half within the marketer’s life as a result of plenty of individuals square measure victimization influencer Marketing additional. This methodology can facilitate the people that started their journey within the digital house to grow quickly in their careers. So, don’t waste some time and be a district of this Marketing trend and create more cash by building your digital business quickly.

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