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My goal today is to show you some of the stuff I created using my free Canva account. This handful of images helped me make a lot of money, and you can use Canva to do the same. I needed graphics when I released my Affiliate Marketers Master Swipe File, earlier this year. Specifically, I needed graphics for ebook covers, ad banners, and joint venture invitations. Rather than using complicated design software like Photoshop, I turned to Canva. I'd like to show you what I created in just a few minutes in today's BizWeb gazette... Ok, for starters, I needed an attractive cover for my PDF. Your ebook cover tells potential buyers what your book is all about. It needs to be attractive and informative. I fired up my free Canva account and found a template that would work in about five minutes. The text was then edited and saved as a PNG file in about five minutes. As a result, I would need a cover image for my first upsell once I have a cover image for my sales page. Fortunately, Canva was there to help me. I found a template that was a little different this time. The text was changed and the image was saved as PNG so that it would fit my upsell product. Here's what that one looks like... Next, I got to work creating my JV Page, where I could invite potential JV partners and affiliates to promote my new product. For this page, I'd need some banners that my affiliates could place on their web pages and blogs. Again, I opened up Canva in my web browser and located some pre-designed templates in the sizes I wanted. I changed the text and here's what I had in about fifteen minutes or so... Finally, I needed an image to post in the Facebook JV announcement groups that are frequented by super-affiliates. Here's a list of those JV Groups in case you ever want to drum up some super affiliates for a product launch: JV Launch Calendar Group JV Offers Group JV Network and IM Product Launch Group IM Product Launching Group And here are the JV Invitation images that I created using Canva in about five minutes: With the help of these images, my launch was a big success, generating over 500 sales in a week. Right after the launch I went right back into Canva and created an award for my top affiliate, Dennis Becker. He was thrilled to have something on display at his site! Here's what that image looks like... As you can see, Canva is a very versatile tool. It's free to use, and you can create attractive images like these in seconds, to help grow your business. Canva is SO easy to use ANYONE (including me) can be a graphic designer. Look, you NEED professional graphics no matter what you're doing online. In fact, the images I shared with you today are just the tip of the iceberg. Canva has countless, beautifully pre-designed templates you can use for: Ebook Covers Etsy Shop Covers Facebook Covers and Posts Pinterest Pins Instagram Posts and Stories Banners Ads Invitations Logos Flyer Infographics PDF Brochures Presentations Posters You name it! If you are NOT using Canva yet, you need to get up to speed right away. If you're new to Canva, here's a 20-video tutorial I put together so you can skip the learning curve: