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What are 5 Billion Sales?

5 Billion Sales is an MLM organization that works in the "bring in cash on the web" specialty, assuming that there at any point was one. In any case, they don't actually specify altogether that they truly do assist you with bringing in -cash on the web. As per their area enlistment, their site was enrolled in May 2021 and was refreshed in October that very year. They likewise have a UK virtual location situated in their "Partner Terms" report.

The whole program has all the earmarks of being promoted through Telegram, yet is fanning out through different online entertainment stages.


During this season of composing, Alexa places 5 Billion Sales site traffic as follows: The US included 17% of the traffic, trailed by Egypt with 8%, and Mexico at 8%.Obviously, 5 Billion Sales is presumably worked out of one of these nations. There are no data about who claims or runs the organization, and as usual, MLM organizations that don't let you know this data are dubious.

5 Billion Sales Product Line

5 Billion Sales is an MLM organization that professes to adapt your web exercises. They have two administrations that haven't been sent off yet considering that they're still in the PRE-LAUNCH stage.

This is the significance of what 5 Billion Sales maintain that you should do at the present time:

To begin with, you welcome more individuals. You get individuals to join under you, which is essentially fabricating your downline group or organization. Be that as it may, it's really not necessary to focus on having a great many people in the organization. Rather, 5 Billion Sales empowers that you include dynamic individuals inside the organization, and have them enlist also.

To lay it out plainly, you acquire more when you select 10 dynamic individuals instead of enrolling 100 inert individuals.


you are urged to welcome just individuals who are keen on spreading data around 5 Billion Sales. This implies that 5 Billion Sales needs to drive more publicity into the program by having your enlisted people get out the word.

The central idea of the program is enrollment, which is a major warning according to organizations like the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

How To Make Money with 5 Billion Sales?

-Enlistment is the situation here. Accordingly, the best way to bring in cash is through enrollment.

We'll educate you seriously regarding their alleged remuneration plan, yet everything is still in pre-send-off mode.

How To Get Started with 5 Billion Sales?

During pre-send-off, 5 Billion Sales offers a free information exchange for participation. Yet, their organization site expresses that enrollment will cost somewhere in the range of $199 and $5 billion. What?

Full support into the pay opportunity requires paying $100 for the Service 1 Annual Fee.

5 Billion Sales Compensation Plan

5 Billion Sales' remuneration plan rotates around "Administration", which is separated into two: Service 1 and Service 2.


Commissions are paid in view of what Service individuals are pursuing.

Administration 1

To partake in Service 1, you need to pay $100 per year.

You get a $5 commission for each enrolled part who pursues Service 1.

Lingering commissions under Service 1 follow a uni-level pay structure. The structure has you at the highest point of the group, with your own enlisted people put under you.

They become your Level 1 group. At the point when individuals from your

level 1 group enroll, these newcomers are put under them. They presently become your Level 2 group. What's more, it continues forever endlessly in principle.

Be that as it may, 5 Billion Sales covers it at 16 levels.

The commission is repaired at $5 per sign into the uni-level group,

dependent upon the way that these individuals additionally proceed with their $100 membership.

Administration 2

5 Billion Sales' Service 2 is not revealed at this point. The site claims it pays individuals $10 per client alluded to Service 2.

There is likewise a $200 to $1000 repeating benefit share commission.1.

Administration 2 additionally follows the equivalent uni-level structure as Service

2. There is a $1 leftover commission paid per uni-level colleague who pursues Service

There's a $10 to $50 paid on repeating benefit share commission procured by Service 2 Unlevel individuals.