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Expand your virtual entertainment traffic. helping you in running better promotions to increment traffic We're discussing the latest "undiscovered" traffic source. Etc. However, this is everything they don't say to you: You won't ever bring in cash in the event that you don't offer your guests various chances to purchase (or snap) on offers on your destinations.


There can be many page one rankings. Consistently, many individuals can visit your sites. Your substance can possibly circulate around the web via virtual entertainment. In any case, you won't ever bring in cash except if you appropriately adapt your destinations. What's more, it occurs extremely often as possible. Numerous advertisers have only a couple of offers on their sites. It requires a lot of exertion. Such a large number of assets are required. What's more, they anticipate that their deals should soar because of this restricted openness.

What is Adtivate?

Adtivate Is NEW 3-Step WP Plugin that Turns ANY Site Into A Profit-Pulling Machine By Quickly And Easily Deploying High-Converting Offers in Under 60 Seconds… Adtivate is the FASTEST and EASIEST method for making, overseeing and conveying offers on your locales by means of the force of pennant promotions in less than 60 seconds.

Adtivate is a new and strong WordPress module that permits you to adapt your locales utilizing the #1 most PROVEN adaptation procedure utilized by ALL of the greatest and most beneficial destinations on the web… Advertising with standards!

Indeed, we've made the FASTEST and EASIEST method for making, adding, making due, and sending offers on your locales in less than 60 seconds utilizing the force of flag promotions!

Adtivate is a WordPress module that produces logical, in-text promotions on any blog and procures partner commissions totally consequently.

Adtivate's reconciliation of strong publicizing abilities goes with it the best decision for those hoping to make appealing promotions and pennants for their blog or magazine.

Highlights and Benefits:

Rapidly And Easily Create Your Offers Using Their Built-in Ad Creator with a TON of PROVEN Templates.

  • Pick either Pop-Up or Banner Ad
  • With Pop-Up Ads, You Can Choose From MULTIPLE Different Triggers Maximize Profit
  • With Adtivate, You Can Also Upload An Image Ad or Create a Custom Ad Using The WYSIWYG Editor.
  • Add An Attention-Grabbing Border To Your Ads
  • Add Your Offer Link To Ensure You Get Paid
  • Add An Entrance Animation To Grab IMMEDIATE Attention
  • Add Periodic Animations To Your Offers whenever To Get significantly MORE Clicks
  • Add an EXIT Animation To Grab Attention ONE Last Time
  • Position Your Offers At The Top, The Bottom, or Set To A Random Spot
  • Make Your Offers Sticky So That They're ALWAYS On Screen To Maximize Your Profit
  • Incorporate and Exclude Your Offers Based On Geo-Location To Maximize Conversions
  • Set an Automatic Start Time And End Time assuming You're Selling Ad Space On Your Sites
  • Set Ads To Stop Automatically Based On Total # of Clicks or Total # of Daily Clicks
  • Set Ads To Stop Automatically Based On Total # of Impressions or Total # of Daily Impressions
  • With Adtivate, you can make a Group Of Offers That Will Be Automatically Rotated On Your Sites So You Find Which Offers Convert The BEST to Maximize Profit
  • Naturally Rotate Ads In A Group To Avoid Banner Blindness and Maximize Profit
  • Naturally, Turn Keywords Within Your Content Into Clickable Offers To Generate Even MORE Profit
  • Influence Their Shortcode Feature To Have Your Offers Show Up When Your Readers Reach A SPECIFIC Part Of Your Content.
  • Implicit "Awful User" Blocking Mechanism So Your Ads Do NOT Show To "Bot Traffic"
  • Worked To ByPass "Promotion Blockers" So You Can ALWAYS Maximize Your Profit

Get FULL Impression, Clicks, Click-Through-Rate, and Location Stats For Your Offers To Quickly Turn Off The Losers And Push ALL Traffic To The Winners.

How can it function?

They've Made Profiting From ANY Site As Simple As Following 3 Simple Steps:

Stage 1: Download and Install This WP Plugin. This will take you something like 10-15 seconds to finish.

Stage 2: Easily Create And Add Your Offers (as well as Adsense code): Within seconds you'll have the option to either configure high-changing over offers with their implicit manager, and effectively glue in your Adsense code, or add a pre-made proposition to your site at record speed.

Stage 3: Set Your Desired Display Settings And Watch The Plugin INSTANTLY Turn Your Sites Into A Profit-Pulling Machine.

If you want to get your hands on Adtivate - the best, quickest, and most straightforward module for conveying high-switching offers over wholly to your destinations at the best cost you'll at any point see - I firmly encourage you to do so immediately.


Immediately adapt ANY site in more ways than one

Naturally, Add Profitable Offers To Your Sites In Under 60 seconds

Expand The Profit You Make From EVERY Site You Own or Manage

Immediately Add Adsense, Affiliate Offers, Your Own Offers, CPA Offers, Call-To-Actions (or ANYTHING you'd Like) ALL over Your Sites