We HELP People

Build Their Dream

Business Online.

We HELP People

Build Their Dream

Business Online.

Want to learn how I built an $ 11,506-per-day

affiliate marketing business on a budget,

starting from scratch? Click👇 to see how!

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Make Your Dreams Come True,

Snap Hub is your Holding Hand!

How about earning and growing exponentially from the work you really love to do!  If you have realized the potential of digitalization and want to start and grow your business online, you are just in the right place. Snap Hub offers you expert coaches that guide you on what to do right from scratch and grow.

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👋Hi, I'm Dr. Vikram

I along with my Mentor Vick, am on a mission to help over 10,000 people create their dream business online so they can generate consistent income and live life on their terms. It's possible. We started from nothing and were able to completely change our lives through an online business and now we help others do the same - in record time. Vick is the founder and CEO of Fourpercent.com - a world-class training center for digital entrepreneurs, and Estage.com - a technology company. This is our personal site where you can learn more about us, and get premium content for free, ask me...

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We have come into being to help thousands of confused business-minded people who want to cash in on digitalization to start and grow their businesses.

With a changing trend of people buying, banking, learning, selling, and doing everything else online, there is no doubt that virtual businesses will grow and thrive immensely shortly.

If you want to join the bandwagon of wise-minded people who know where the future of business lies, we are here to help you.

You always dream of making big money and the decision to throw an online business is the first step in the right direction. So, if you have made up your mind, let there be no looking back.

We offer you a reliable e-learning and coaching platform where the world-renowned and highly experienced coaches of the relevant fields guide you step by step.

Three Pillars You Need To Build

A Successful Business

Three Pillars You Need To Build

A Successful Business

Master these three pillars and you will be able to write your own ticket in life.

success mindset


Develop the mindset of a champion. you can "re-program" your mind for automatic

success - this is a must!



Your income is directly proportional to the

value you deliver in the marketplace.

Learn how to become world-class!



Having an effective money management

system is essential for any business.

Learn how to make money!

The Shortest Path to Money-


Learn How I Raised Myself from Zero to making $11,506 Per Day in Affiliate Marketing, Step-by-Step...

We have seen several online business entrepreneurs failing and several aspiring entrepreneurs giving up their dream to start an online venture. Don't let this happen to you! Where there is a will, there is a way but the way has to be chosen wisely and meticulously. When you reach out to Snap Hub, you’ll get to learn all the insights about the business that you want to follow and we’ll take care of the rest. Once you reach out to us, you can rest assured of being at the first and just the right step.

So, look no further. Following your dreams of becoming an online entrepreneur, growing, and succeeding in the same is just a click away from you. Get to know exactly what you need to do for that, how and where to get the resources, where to spend money, and what to do to stay ahead in a highly competitive marketplace.

Our affiliate marketing firm acts as a bridge between the learned and experienced coaches of different arenas and the aspirants that want to learn and get guided systematically about what exactly to do to run their chosen business online and grow.

So, stop making grudges about your stressful jobs, non-conducive workplace, and unprofitable physical/online businesses. Come to us and we will guide you and show you how to win. Catapult your business online and let us

be the partner of your success. Get to know what intricacies your businesses involve and how those could be solved easily.

Real People,

Real Results

You don't need more information,

you need a real mentor to make your dream a reality.

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Learn How I Raised Myself From Zero To Making

$11,506 Per Day In Affiliate Marketing, Step-By-Step

Learn How I Raised Myself From Zero To Making

$11,506 Per Day In Affiliate Marketing, Step-By-Step

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